Our objective is to ensure that the security personnel are familiar with all aspects of the client’s operation.
To achieve this, a competency test is initiated as a benchmark process.

Operational Approach

Before concluding a security contract with any company, Katlego will undertake a site inspection and risk assessment. In conjunction with our client, we would develop a pro-active strategy to secure the premises and address the client’s specific needs particularly with regards to risk and site procedures.
Due to the fact that every site requires a unique security formula, we have a wide range of specialist who assess the various risk areas. The result of the site inspection / risk assessment will be incorporated in a comprehensive induction manual and site standing instructions. This will be made available to the client. All security personnel will be trained and inducted accordingly.

We strive to provide the best possible service to all our clients.

Operational Objectives

We support the principal of “MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVE” to determine set objectives and standards when measuring performance. This is determined by mutual agreement and adhered to the performance standard, which thereafter will be accepted as the norm. In this regard, a holistic approach is achieved with the emphasis in the entire service.
The client may adjust the standards at any given time to comply with their objectives.

We adhere to the above so as to maintain our professional and competitive advantage in the Educational, Higher Educational institutes and affiliates and to render a service that not only meets with but exceeds our client’s expectations.

It is our objective to supply a stable team that projects the right image. This will be achieved by implementing the 4 pillars of Operational Security Principle:

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