We are aware that many security companies offer the same range of guarding services, however Katlego Security differs itself by offering the specialized pro-active security by combining technology with intelligence based security, which includes covert and overt intelligence operatives.


Industrial & Commercial

Residential areas and buildings

Petro Chemical

National Key Points

Hotels & Casinos

Distribution & Mining

Education / University


These range from a full spectrum of hardware and software related technology to meet specific requirements and applications for forensic investigative capabilities to counter the challenges of white collar and syndicate crime in the workplace.

Crowd Control

We can supply wired trailers to corner off at least 120 per trailer that can be deployed anywhere in SA.
We also train personnel to do crowd control with all necessary equipment
and PPE.

Road Safety

• Traffic Monitoring
• Vehicle inspections
• K53 Driving Evaluation
• Traffic Control
• Road blocks / Campaigns
• Escort of Abnormal Vehicles
• Incident / Accident Assessments

Close Protection & Conflict Resolution

Past clients include Government Ministers, international groups, celebrities, media and radio personalities, concerts, events, companies and individuals.

Intelligence Operations

Collection of information
Processing of information
Follow up operations
with SAPS


Our investigation division interacts continuously with various law enforcement agencies in order to determine trends and crime hot spot areas.


Pre-employment screenings
Case Specific / Investigation

Emergency Preparedness

Consisting of, but not limited to:
• Emergency COP and Baseline Risk Assessments
• Emergency Audits:
– Control Room First Aid
– Emergency JOC Training
• Compliance Training
• Documents Control

• Emergency Evacuation Plans (Surface and Underground)
• Emergency Warden Appointments
• Fire and First Aid Equipment compliance and monitoring
• Safety Discussions and Talk Topics
• Simulation Training and Major Scenarios
• Road Safety Management
• Setting up of an Emergency Call Centre and what it entails


On-site training is conducted on a regular basis.